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Life is much like standing in a hallway with ten doors. You only get to open one, which influences the rest of your life and future decisions. It's easy to make the wrong choices when you don't know what is behind the doors. God knows what lies behind every door - the consequences and reprecussions of every decision we make. When we rely on Him, we don't have to know what is behind every door - we just listen and trust Him to guide us through.

By coming together with other people to pray for your life, your struggles, and your opportunities, we are united in asking God for that direction. Sometimes, it's harder to pray than to ask another person to pray for you. That's what we are here for.
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Mary W. Post
June 9, 2015
Please pray for me, I'm being spiritually attacked and now I'm questioning and doublting myself, salvation, our savour, everything. I need help and protection and our Father God to forgive me, guide me, deliever me, turn away from ,y sins, blasphem, inquities, transgressions,abominations, sin and protect me from all evilness and unrightousness. Restore my faith, belief and salvation. Please , please pray for me !
Anonymous Anonymous Post
June 8, 2015
Lord please help us sell our home. We are in desperate need of your assistance with this. This is our 3rd attempt with no success yet. We are moving out of State and cannot afford 2 mortgages. I ask this of you in Jesus' name. Amen
David B. Post
June 8, 2015
I need prayer to be right with god cause every time someone asks me if I'm a Christian or born again if I answer yes it feels like I lied so I need prayer that I can say yes if someone asks me if I'm born again or a Christian that I can say it and not feel like I lied and can truly say it and not lie. I also need prayer for things that marks appear on my body that keep on happening if I eat something that I ate or something that my dad touched that the marks wouldn't keep happening and appear on my body anymore.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
June 8, 2015
Dear Lord, thank you so much for my many blessings and for the health and safety of my children and my family. I ask your blessings for this job interview that I desperately need. I pray that you give me the words to be successful and show them what an asset I can be to them. I pray that I am blessed with this opportunity, which will enhance not only my life, but my children's lives as well. I am Faithful in Your plan and work to understand it.

In Jesus name I pray,

Anonymous Anonymous Post
June 8, 2015
I desperately need prayer. I live in South Africa and I need to hear God's voice again, and pray for a wife and physical healing. I pray four hours a day in tongues, and love Jesus more than life itself. I pray for many people and worship the Lord. I am safe and cut myself from the world. Pray that I can be used by the Holy Spirit in a mighty way and pure vessel.
Laura L. Post
June 8, 2015
Please pray for my husband to realize that his children and I are his family. That he needs no other relationship to be happy. Help me pray that he becomes a faithful loving husband, to stay by my side free from alcoholism & drug addictions. Also please pray for me as I find myself devastated with all this.
Thank you in the name of the Lord
Tracy S. Post
June 8, 2015
I feel emotionally drained and worn out. I'm struggling to pray...it seems like I've been praying for the same things over and over for so long. I know God must be at work in the lives of those I've been praying for, but their own stubbornness seems to be a problem. I need prayer to overcome this weariness. In Jesus name!
aeriel w. Post
June 7, 2015
I was told I'm a carrier of a genetic disorder that I can pass along in pregnancies. my last pregnancy ended at five months due to the condition. I found out I am pregnant again and I'm praying for a healthy outcome.
terry b. Post
June 7, 2015
please pray for Faye Scotton who will be undergoing a series of tests tomorrow June 8/15 at John Hopkins Hospital for possible MS. She is 54 very troubled and concerned about her condition (numbness,tingling sensation, fatigue etc.) Thank you!
Dee A. Post
June 7, 2015
Dear Lord,

please find me a job. I have sent out a lot of applications, please find me a suitable position.

In Jesus mighty and powerful name I ask, AMEN
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