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About NeedPrayer.Com
Information about this project and the people behind it.

NeedPrayer.Com is a ministry experiment. The goal of the website is:
  1. To provide a place were people can find no-strings-attached prayer support

  2. To provide a place for prayer warriors to exercise their calling to the ministry  of intercessory prayer.

While we believe that every person who follows God needs to pray for themselves and others, we know that there are people who feel like it is their life purpose to pray for people. We have created the Prayer Network for those individuals.

The site was conceptualized and designed by Pastor Jose Gomez., Jr. and powered by the NetMinistry Website Program.

What We Believe About Prayer

We believe in prayer as instituted by God through the Bible as the way to communicate with God in an intimate, two-way relationship. We believe that prayer is talking AND listening to the voice of God. We also believe that a true relationship with God is only possible through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

We do not hold a denomination or specific doctrinal stance. We believe it is up to your church and church leaders to teach you how and why to pray. If you have questions concerning prayer, we encourage you to:


1. Study the Bible and learn what it says about prayer - talking and listening to God

2. Contact other fellow believers to get outside perspectives and to learn what they have learned.

3. Put it into practice immediately. Talking to God is essential for growing close to him. Imagine being married and never talking to your spouse!

God likes it when we talk to Him - even more when we actually listen to Him.

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