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Pray for people needing intercession.

Prayer, especially in unity with others, can be a powerful action that sets heaven and earth into motion. It seems that God is able to move physical, emotional, and spiritual hurdles if we can just trust Him and learn from the lessons that He teaches us.

It is through intercessory prayer that we communicate to God on the behalf of others we love. NeedPrayer.Com receives prayer requests from all over the world. Would you consider joining our Prayer Network, agreeing to receive prayer requests by email and pray for them as they come in? If so fill out the form to the right.

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Once you become a Prayer Partner, we would recommend setting up a seperate folder in your email reader specifically for the prayer requests that you will be receiving. Otherwise, it could cause other emails to get lost in the shuffle. Also, find out about setting 'rules' in your e-mail software that will automatically place emails with 'NeedPrayer' in the subject line in that new Prayer Request folder.
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